The Problem Asset Recovery Team

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The Problem Real Estate Solution

It is a daunting task for those making decisions regarding poorly performing loans and foreclosed real estate to restore value to these assets. With the plethora of variables and the turbulent economic times, asset managers within bank owned real estate departments need a comprehensive source of information and service. Most importantly, you need solutions that often require specialized services. However, the marketplace for these specialties is quite fragmented and not organized into one coordinated effort. This leaves the banker with the task of coordinating solutions to numerous problems, which too often is simply not within his or her expertise.

In response to this dilemma, Acquisition Consultants has formed a collaborative effort to address all of the obstacles that arise. We provide well rounded advice through all of the relevant market participants and then roll up our sleeves to solve your asset problems. In the end, we save you valuable time and bring tremendous clarity to the process and decision making. We did this by forming the Problem Asset Recovery Team or PART.


PART Members

Acquisition Consultants
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage & Development

Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe, P.A.
Legal Counsel

McCree General Contractors & Architects
General Contractor

Pinel & Carpenter, Inc.
Valuation Firm

Engineering Firm

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